Disc Replacement with Bute

Did you purchase a Brookfield frame between 2012-2021? These frames were fitted with Bute’s highly recognisable disc chain system. It has an orange hook and eye centre casting. Replacement Discs for products known as DC64, DC72 & DC90 can only be purchased directly from Bute Discs.

Increase Your Machine’s Aggressiveness

Make your tillage machine aggressive again with Bute’s more effective cutting discs. Farmers running the original manufacturer’s three discs welded to a centre shaft system are removing the chains and upgrading to the Bute 625 cutting discs.  

The Sooner You Replace Your Discs the Better

You don’t have to wait until your original chains wear down to replace the discs. Our cutting discs will get you better results in the field no matter how old your current discs are.

Save Costs And See The Difference

Bute Discs can do a complete fit out of new discs for your machine, but if you want to test it out first then just replace the front chains to start with. This will give you a nice combination of improved results for a lower cost.

Replacement Disc Product Range

bute disc


Manufactured from high quality boron steel, 5 mm thick, hardened to 50 HRC with the leading edge lathed down to 1mm for a sharpened edge. With a more traditional concave shape, the discs bite into tight and firm soils and are perfect for farmers who want to remove weeds and create soil tilth.

bute disc


Manufactured from a 6mm thick, hard-wearing Bisalloy 400 steel plate, which is commonly used in the mining industry where wearability is maximised.  


The Dog Leg Harrow can break up 5-6 tonne/hectare of 300mm (12 inch) standing stubble into 100mm (4 inch) pieces that biodegrade more quickly than being left to stand. It leaves stubble coverage on the surface while leaving the root system anchored in the soil. This is achieved by splitting the straw between the nodes as it is forced between the harrow and the hardpan of soil after harvest. The harrow is a superior no-till and low-till option, providing exceptional stubble control in erosion-prone soils.

  • This option is more for seed bed preparation before seeding and is very cost-effective. The disc on the front will mean the combination kills weeds but the dog leg harrow will work the soil over.

This is a popular option with no-till farmers who are using the dog leg chains to increase weed germination and residue breakdown as part of paddock operations from December to February.

It’s Time time to replace your discs

If the discs on your Brookfield machine need replacing, come direct to Bute Discs. Give Kent a call and we’ll help you decide what the best option is for your farm’s tillage needs.

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