DC60 not aggressive enough? Switch to the Bute 625 to create a powerful tillage machine

Replace the front and/or rear discs & hooks on your machine with market-leading prices from Bute Discs.

Upgrade your DC60 by adding Bute Discs to the front and/or rear chain

Did you purchase a Brookfield frame between 2012-2021? These frames were fitted with Buteโ€™s highly recognisable disc chain system. It has an orange hook and eye centre casting. Replacement Discs for products known as DC64, DC72 & DC90 can only be purchased directly from Bute Discs.

DC60 replacement discs & hooks pricing

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Increase Your Machineโ€™s Aggressiveness by fitting the Bute 625 cutting Discs

Make your tillage machine aggressive again with Buteโ€™s more effective cutting discs. Farmers running the original manufacturer’s three discs welded to a centre shaft system are removing the chains and upgrading to the Bute 625 cutting discs.ย ย 

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Are you running the DC60 chains? Fit out your frames like Phill from Nyngan, New South Whales did.

Are you discs worn down?

Do your discs look worn down like this photo? It’s time to think about replacing them. Worn discs are inefficient, wasting your time and money when you’re out in the field.

Give Kent a call for the most aggressive discs on the market.

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