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Replace the front and/or rear discs on your machine with market-leading prices from Bute Discs.

Replacement Discs for DC64, DC72 & DC90
Bute Product go Direct to Kent

Did you purchase a Brookfield frame between 2012-2021? These frames were fitted with Buteโ€™s highly recognisable disc chain system. It has an orange hook and eye centre casting. Replacement Discs for products known as DC64, DC72 & DC90 can only be purchased directly from Bute Discs.

D90, D130, D150 & D185 replacement discs pricing

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Replacement Disc Product Range

bute disc


Manufactured from high quality boron steel, 5 mm thick, hardened to 50 HRC with the leading edge lathed down to 1mm for a sharpened edge. With a more traditional concave shape, the discs bite into tight and firm soils and are perfect for farmers who want to remove weeds and create soil tilth.

bute disc


Manufactured from a 6mm thick, hard-wearing Bisalloy 400 steel plate, which is commonly used in the mining industry where wearability is maximised. ย 

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New Product Launch - Bute Turbine Blade

The groundbreaking Turbine Blade is here. Bute Discs has innovated again, bringing an industry-changing product to market. Be the first in the world to see the Turbine Blade by coming along to our event at Kialla East, Victoria, on February 1st, 2024.ย