Improve your soil with cover crops

Complete cover crop management with Bute

More and more farmers in Australia are recognizing the benefits of cover crops.

  • Reduced loss of nitrogen and other nutrients.
  • Improved crop establishment.
  • Reduced erosion.

With benefits like these, itโ€™s time to take a closer look at how cover crops can help your farm.

The benefits of cover crops

The benefits of cover crops are significant and will depend on your farm and your soil. Knowing when to plant your cover crop, what to plant, how best to manage it, and when to mulch and incorporate your cover crop can boost these benefits.

What are the potential benefits of cover crops?

  1. Cover crops will reduce the loss of nitrogen and other nutrients from the soil. More so, when a cover crop is mulched and incorporated into the soil, it helps to increase organic matter, improves soil structure, improves compaction and improves nutrient level.
  2. Cover cropping can help to reduce weeds and improve moisture levels in the soil.
  3. Integrated pest management is supported by cover crops, as they provide a habitat for natural predators and parasitoids.
  4. Cover crops can help the subsequent cash crop to be established and provide a more nutrient-rich soil for the crop.
  5. Planting a cover crop reduces the risk of soil erosion.
  6. All up, cover cropping provides economic, agronomic and environmental benefits.

Control Depth in Every Seasons and Soil

While the benefits of cover cropping is clear, farmers need a way to make cover crop management easy. Introducing Bute Discsโ€™ disc chain system.

While our disc chains help to control weeds, loosen and aerate soil, reduce compaction, break down residue crops and add organic material to your soil, itโ€™s also a great cover cropping tool.

With Bute Discs you can:

  • Break down crop residue, control weeds and sow the cover crop at the same time.
  • Spread the topsoil and level ruts, creating a perfect seedbed for your cover crop.
  • When the cover crop has served its purpose, our disc chain system can be used to mulch and incorporate the crop into the soil.
  • Our disc chains can be used to work only the surface of the topsoil. Youโ€™ll be boosting organic matter and nutrients, while retaining soil structure and reducing water loss.
  • As well as a more fertile soil for your cash crop, the cover crop will help regulate soil temperature and reduce the risk of erosion.

To find out more about the benefits of cover crops and our disc chains, contact Bute Discs today.


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