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Turbine Blade

The industry-changing turbine blade from Bute Discs.

Biodegrade crop residue, improves moisture levels.

Bute Discsโ€™ Turbine Blade makes short work of straw, stubble and other crop residue. The patented blade splits and breaks down crop residue, creating a healthier soil for next seasonโ€™s crop.

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Bute 625

The Bute 625 has a 6.25 inch (158.75 mm) gap between discs, as well as an aggressive angle on the disc. These innovations make it the perfect tool for weed kill, sizing up residue, and working in the soil 100%. Itโ€™s one of our most popular discs.

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Bute 850

The Bute 850 has a bigger gap between discs than the 625. 8.5 inch (215.9 mm). This makes it perfect for wetter soils that are prone to clogging, or for heavy residue soils like cornfields.

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Dog Leg Harrow

Dog Leg Harrow

Our dog leg harrow leaves stubble coverage on the surface while leaving the root system anchored in the soil. This is achieved by splitting the straw between the nodes on the tool.

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Did you purchase a Brookfield frame between 2012-2021? These frames were fitted with Buteโ€™s highly recognisable disc chain system. It has an orange hook and eye centre casting. Replacement Discs for products known as DC64, DC72 & DC90 can only be purchased directly from Bute Discs.

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