Retrofit Bute Discs to Your Existing Frame

Reap the benefits of Bute Discs disc chains

Increase Your Machineโ€™s Aggressiveness

Bute Discs sells a patented disc chain that gets better results from fewer passes. The best bit? Our equipment can be retro-fitted to your existing frame. Itโ€™s time to turn your machine into an aggressive tillage tool.

Sick of Ineffective Disc Chains?

Does your disc chain need replacing? Is it worn down, not working to the depths you require, not killing weeds, like fleabane, and not producing the soil tilth you need? Or has your disc chain been in the field for a while and is ready for a replacement?

If your frame is in good condition, donโ€™t go to the expense of replacing everything. Simply retrofit with a Bute Discs disc chain.

Retro fit bute discs to a Kelly Diamond Frame

Why You Should Retrofit with Bute Discs

Bute Discs disc chains are the best option for retro-fitting on most tillage equipment. Our patented system can be used on Kelly frames and can easily be fitted to the frames of most other major manufacturers.

By retro-fitting with Bute Discs, youโ€™ll reap the benefits of using the highest quality disc chains on the market. These benefits include:


Retrofit with Bute Discs Today

Itโ€™s time to upgrade your tillage equipment with Bute Discs. Ask your dealer for Bute Discs and turn your current machine into an aggressive tillage tool.

Farmer testimonials

Check out some of the farmer testimonials videos below.

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Mallee grower Adrian Stoeckel explains how well Bute Discs by Bute Engineering work in a tough environment

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Ian Mudge asked Bute Discs to be fitted to his New Kelly Frame.

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Peter Stephen, Dalby, has been impressed with the weed control since his contractor started using Bute Discs

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