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Our market-leading disc chains are now available in the United States. They’ll get you better results from your hours in the field.

In partnership with Humdinger Equipment.

Bute Discs have weights that can be quickly added and removed from your chains.

This gives you a disc chain that’s perfectly tailored to your soil on any given day.

The Bute Discs

Bute Discs have weights that can be quickly added and removed from your chains.

This gives you a disc chain that’s perfectly tailored to your soil on any given day.


It takes just 45 minutes and one spanner to change out
your discs. And it can all be done in the field.

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850 Bute Disc chain weight

625 Bute Disc chain weight

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The Bute 625 has a 6.25 inch (158.75 mm) gap between discs, as well as a 45 degree angle on the disc. These innovations make it the perfect tool for weed kill, sizing up residue, and working in the soil 98%. It’s one of our most popular discs in the US.


The Bute 850 has a bigger gap between discs than the 625 – 8.5 inch (215.9 mm). This makes it perfect for wetter soils that are prone to clogging, or for heavy residue soils like cornfields. 

How It Works

Bute Discs Kills More Weeds




Buying Bute Discs
in America

Humdinger Equipment has a strong reputation for providing the best equipment and customer service available. Bute Discs is proud to partner with Humdinger Equipment in the United States. 

Contact Kobie Jordan today for pricing and disc information.

Kobie Jordan

American Representative

Kent Paterson

Australian Representative

Our Disc Options in the US

Cutting discs

When you need more aggressive cutting power and weed kill, the Bute cutting disc is the perfect option. With fine yet durable edges, the Bute cutting disc is an exceptional choice for those farmers looking for a tough disc that still preserves the subsoil moisture.

Standard discs

The Bute standard disc has blunter edges than the cutting disc, making it the best choice for all round tillage. Using the standard disc with the right level of weights for your farm will result in a disc chain that provides the perfect combination of weed kill and topsoil tillage.

Recommended for your frames

Bute Discs are the best disc chains on the market. That’s why we’re authorized to be retro-fitted to your existing frames.

Our chains can be fitted to many different brands, including:

The 625 & 850 Disc chains can be retrofitted onto any Kelly frame around the world.

Contact our distributors around the world.

Bute Discs Comparison Chart

Discover the differences between Bute Discs and other disc chain options.

One of our american farmers with a kelly frame
talks about the bute discs difference

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The big breakthrough in disc chains. Here's why.

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One, two or three weights can be
to each casting

Weight per meter ranges from
66 kg – 112 kg

Disc spacings available in 6.25”
& 8.50”

Longer wear of discs (some
report up to 27,000 ha)

Replacement chains for all
diamond & v frames

Bute Discs Gives American Farmers Options

We recommend saving yourself some money and buying one or two weights per disc from Humdinger Equipment to start with. Then work it through the farm and see whether you need some extra weight for your soil. 

Not sure how much weight you’ll need for your soil? Give Kent a call and he’ll give you some guidance on the optimal weight for your disc chain.

The Bute Disc Chain Is Completely Customisable

With two sizes, cutting discs, standard discs and up to four different weight options, Bute Discs gives you a disc chain that can be perfectly adapted to your farm. You can also use the weights for the front of your machine or the front and rear, depending on what your soil requires. 

The end result? A disc chain that is tailor-made for your farm.

Questions and Answers

Bute chains added concavity to their disc face and the ability to add weight when needed, allow our chains to perform and excel in the conditions that make you leave your old chains at home.

Bute Discs 625 chains with a dull disc are the answer.  The tight spacing allows you to achieve 100% sheer on any springtime growth, while the lightweight chain and dull disc allow the chain to ride atop the soil and eliminate ridging in your seedbed.

Bute Discs consistent blade width and large diameter replaceable discs allow for consistent performance throughout the entire lifespan.  While competitors chains lose performance before the chain is worn, Bute maintains its ability from the 1st acre to the 50,000th.

With our modular system, we have the ability to run light for seedbed prep, and heavy for harvest residue management. Bute doesn’t shy away from any task.

Bute Discs unique blades and the angle of engagement within the soil layer allow for a 100% shear eliminating all root balls.  Let your planter ride easy.

Weighted Bute 850s with sharp discs can engage even the hardest of summer ground allowing for a quick pass to eliminate any regrowth without having to use more costly tillage practices or herbicide applications.

With Butes unique design and modularity a combination of chain configurations and be assembled to fit any environment and tackle any problems allowing you to build a machine that can achieve your seed bed preparation needs.


Contact Kobie Jordan – Humdinger | for pricing info.

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New Product Launch - Bute Turbine Blade

The groundbreaking Turbine Blade is here. Bute Discs has innovated again, bringing an industry-changing product to market. Be the first in the world to see the Turbine Blade by coming along to our event at Kialla East, Victoria, on February 1st, 2024.