Control Weeds. Improve Your Soil.

Better weed kill with fewer passes.

If weeds like fleabane are an issue on your farm, you want a reliable method of killing them that doesnโ€™t take up too much of your valuable time.

Introducing Bute Discs. Our patented disc chains get better weed control results from fewer passes. Plus, theyโ€™ll improve your soil at the same time.

Effective and efficient weed control. Great for your soil. Itโ€™s got to be Bute Discs.

The Bute Disc

One of the reasons our disc chains are so effective at weed control and tillage is their versatility. With two gap sizes, the choice of cutting discs and standard discs, and up to four different weight options, you can adapt your disc chain to suit your farm and your conditions:

  • With a closer spacing, our Bute 625 discs will remove up to 98% of weeds in one pass. Weeds such as fleabane donโ€™t stand a chance.
  • Our Bute 850 is better suited to heavier and wetter soils and will allow you to control weed with fewer passes.
  • If you farm’s topsoil has become increasingly harder because of all the rain, youโ€™ll love the aggressive nature of our disc chain.

The Perfect Amount of Aggression

Both the Bute 625 and Bute 850 uproot weeds without touching the subsoil, with the weeds life to die on the surface. In addition, due to the ability to add and remove weights, weeds can be removed at different soil depths.ย 

Removes 98% Of all weeds

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Reduce your reliance on herbicides

Controlling weeds isnโ€™t the only benefit of using Bute Discs. You can also loosen and aerate your soil, reduce compaction, break down residue crops and add organic material to your soil. In short, you can improve your soil quickly and easily with Bute Discs.ย 

Another advantage of using our disc chains is youโ€™ll be reducing your reliance on using herbicides to control weeds. Herbicides are not only costly to use and potentially harmful to the environment, repeated use can result in the appearance of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Control weeds with fewer passes and without herbicides. Contact Bute Discs to determine the best disc set-up for you and your farm.


A True Multi-Purpose Tool: Showcased at the Wimmera Machinery Field Days

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