Bute Discs and our global partnerships

Spreading our products across the world

When we first started manufacturing our discs chains our aim was to simply help local farmers. Little did we know that if we fast forwarded 30 years, the reach of our products would be far greater. 

In fact, today we can lay claim to be a manufacturer of tillage products for the global market.

From little things, big things have certainly grown.

From humble beginnings

While the seeds of our company can be traced back to 1990 and our first tillage equipment, it wasnโ€™t until our first disc chain system was developed that our business started to really flourish.

Buoyed by the success of our first disc chain and the subsequent second iteration, our third and current version was released in 2018. Featuring innovative, cutting edge technology that gave our customers unprecedented results, itโ€™s fair to say this was when we started setting our sights on the world.

In 2020, we started to establish our global partnerships to help spread the success of our disc chains. And we havenโ€™t looked back since then!

Weโ€™re proud of our global partnerships

While Bute Discs sells its products across the globe, itโ€™s only due to the involvement of our global partners that weโ€™ve been able to do so. 

Through partnerships with quality agricultural machinery companies, farmers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa can now benefit from Bute Discs tillage equipment. Companies like Dalbo, Bestbier, Humdinger Equipment, Quality Farm Supply and GBC Equipment We also have a large range of distributors in Australia who sell our innovative products to local markets. 

Like any good company, weโ€™re not resting on our laurels. Weโ€™re looking for ways to continually improve our product range and increase our distribution. 

A recent example of this was our partnership with both Dalbo, Denmarkโ€™s leading tillage equipment manufacturer, and South Australian agricultural machinery supplier Techgrow. The partnership involves offering a frame and disc chain combination – the Powerchain 800 – to the Australian market.

Weโ€™re still looking for partnerships throughout South America and other parts of the world. Think youโ€™d be a great fit? Reach out to Kent Paterson +61 429 178 741

Where will Bute Discs go next with global partnerships? Keep an eye on this space and watch as we continue to help farmers across the world.

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