Introducing the bute 850 Disc ChainS

Our market-leading disc chain. It’ll get you better results from your hours in the field.


Bute Discs have weights that can be quickly added and removed from your chains.

This gives you a disc chain that’s perfectly tailored to your soil on any given day.



The Bute 850 has a bigger gap between discs than the 625. 8.5 inch (215.9 mm).

This makes it perfect for wetter soils that are prone to clogging, or for heavy residue soils like cornfields.

How it works

See for yourself how the Bute Disc chain weights will give you better weed kill and fewer passes in the field. In this video, Kent Paterson walks you through the minimum and maximum weight of the Bute 850 disc chain. He’ll also show you how to get the perfect penetration of your soil.

Our Disc Options

Bute 850 Cutting discs

When you need that extra bit of cutting power and weed kill, the Bute cutting disc is the perfect option. With fine yet durable edges, the Bute cutting disc is an exceptional choice for those farmers looking to really size up the topsoil.

Bute 850 Standard Discs

The Bute 850 standard disc has blunter edges than the cutting disc, making it the best choice for all round tillage. Using the standard disc with the right level of weights for your farm will result in a disc chain that provides the perfect combination of weed kill and topsoil tillage.

Bute Discs Gives You Options

We recommend saving yourself some money and buying one or two weights for each disc to start with. Then work it through the farm and see whether you need some extra weight for your soil. 

Not sure how much weight you’ll need for your soil? Give Kent a call  on 0429 178 741 and he’ll give you some guidance on the optimal weight for your disc chain.

Watch some of the videos below to learn more about Bute Discs.

The Bute 850 Is Completely Customisable

With cutting discs, standard discs and up to four different weight options, Bute Discs gives you a disc chain that can be perfectly adapted to your farm. You can also use the weights for the front of your machine or the front and rear, depending on what your soil requires.