Dog Leg Harrow

Arrives assembled and ready for work on new or existing frames.

Dog Leg Harrow

Dog Leg Harrow

WEIGHT – 36KG/M DIAMETER – 255MM SIZE – 13 LINKS/M COST PER METRE – $600/M* Australia only.

* All prices exclude GST and are subject to change. Delivery and on-farming fitting to existing chains and bars is excluded, although discuss your requirements with Bute Engineering and a quote can be arranged.


We offer specialised products to service all kinds of equipment. Our dog leg harrow and our Bute spike chain can be perfect companions for heavy duty tillage in the field.

Maximum Tillage. No Damage.

Our dog leg harrow leaves stubble coverage on the surface while leaving the root system anchored in the soil. This is achieved by splitting the straw between the nodes on the tool.

The harrow is a superior no-till and low-till option, gives exceptional stubble control in erosion-prone soils, enables excellent small seed establishment, and works well as a seeder-trailing harrow.

A True Multi-Purpose Tool: Showcased at the Wimmera Machinery Field Days

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