The Industry-Changing Turbine Blade from Bute Discs

Bute Discs has done it again, bringing an innovative new product to market.

Destroy straw & stubble.
Protect soil & moisture.

Biodegrade crop residue, improves moisture levels.

Bute Discs’ Turbine Blade makes short work of straw, stubble and other crop residue. The patented blade splits and breaks down crop residue, creating a healthier soil for next season’s crop.

While it’s tough on crop residue, the Turbine Blade is kind to soil. The blade doesn’t penetrate the soil structure, conserving valuable sub-soil moisture and reducing erosion. It’s the perfect no till tool for farmers.

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The benefits of the Bute Discs’ turbine blade


Split, cut and break straw, stubble and other residue left over from the recent crop. 


Improve your farm’s most precious resource, your soil. Reduce erosion and moisture loss, increase worms and other helpful organisms.

Increase Yields

By improving the soil, you’ll be increasing the yield of next season’s crop.


Like all our products, the Turbine Blade is super efficient. There’s no need for multiple passes, saving you time and money.

Using the Turbine Blade

November - December

Straight after harvest
The Turbine Blade works best when used right after you’ve finished harvesting.


Enjoy your holiday
Take a well deserved break over January.


Watch the stubble biodegrade
You’ll notice the stubble bio-degrading and breaking apart in your hands when picked up.

March - April

Make an assessment based on your yield
View the biodegradable stubble, make your assessment on whether it’s broken down enough to suit your farming needs. Run the Turbine Blade over your stubble once more.


Ready to seed
Your stubble will have biodegraded a considerable amount allowing the air seeder to easily work through the fields without getting clogged.

Spraying self-sown wheat after using the turbine blade.

Seeding after using the Turbine Blade

14 days after using the Turbine Blade

Be The First To Have The Turbine Blade

Bute Discs has just 10 patented Turbine Blades ready to be sold to farmers in Australia. The Turbine Blade can be easily attached to all major brand frames.

This blade will transform the way you approach soil management. Call Kent Paterson from Bute Discs now to get a set for your farm – before they’re all sold out!

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Why choose the
Turbine Blade?

Bute Discs’ patented Turbine Blade delivers exceptional performance. Even tough material like rape or corn stubble is no match for the Turbine Blade. 

With the Bute universal hook & eye system, and the availability of different blade weights, you can tailor your set-up for your soil and any crop residue.

The best bit is that the Bute Discs Turbine Blade fits directly onto your diamond harrow frame, giving you a whole new machine for a fraction of the price. The answer’s simple – if you have a diamond harrow frame, you need to come to this event!

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Turbine Blade Pricing

Call Kent Paterson today to find out the pricing for this ground breaking innovation in agriculture.

Turbine Blade

Turbine Blade specs and options

Supporting Our Loyal Customers

Do you have the Bute 625 or Bute 850 disc chains? We’re a company that looks after those loyal to us. That’s why we made sure the turbine blade can be fitted straight onto the hooks you already own. All you need to buy is the turbine blade itself! For questions on how to do this give Kent a call on 0429 178 741.

International and Argentinian Patent Applications Pending.


Industrial Design Application Pending.

How The Turbine Blade Helps Your Soil

Improves organic soil matter

Prevents soil erosion

Retains moisture

Our Turbine Blade is a patented agricultural tool designed to efficiently handle crop residue without penetrating the soil. It’s ideal for no-till farming, where it helps improve soil quality.

The Turbine Blade effectively splits, cuts, and breaks down straw, stubble, and other crop residue, enhancing soil health for the next planting season. It conserves sub-soil moisture, reduces erosion, and promotes the growth of beneficial organisms like worms.

Yes, by improving your soil, the Turbine Blade can lead to increased yields in the following season. Healthier soil provides better conditions for plant growth and development.

Massively. Our Turbine Blade cuts down your hours in the field substantially, with fewer passes needed and a better end result.

Our patented Turbine Blade stands out for its exceptional performance. It can handle even tough materials like rapeseed or corn stubble with ease. Plus, it’s highly customisable with our Bute universal hook & eye system and different blade weights to suit your specific soil and residue conditions. It’s a patented system that showcases Bute Discs’ innovative, market-leading products. It will help you get more out of your time in the field.

A True Multi-Purpose Tool: Showcased at the Wimmera Machinery Field Days

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