Fitting Bute Discs to Kelly Tillage System

Why fit Bute Discs to a Kelly tillage system?

The Kelly tillage system is one of the most popular on the market, relied upon by many hundreds of Australian farmers – as well as others around the world – to prepare their seedbed prior to planting.

There’s no doubt it’s a great system. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

In fact, when it comes time to replace the disc chains on your Kelly frame, Bute Discs firmly believe we have a better option. A bold statement, so let’s back it up with some facts to explain why.

A brief introduction to disc chains

Australian farmers will know what we’re talking about when we mention disc chains, but for those with a little less dirt on their boots and hands, here’s a brief introduction.

Disc chains refer to a series of reasonably small steel discs with a relatively fine, durable edge that are linked together in what is referred to as a chain. These chains of discs are then fitted to a frame, which makes up the tillage system.

When towed behind a tractor or other farm equipment, the discs rotate around to cultivate the soil.

Unlike some other tillage methods, using disc chains is what is known as surface tillage. The discs don’t penetrate the soil very deeply. At times, it can be as little as five centimetres.

Cultivating the soil in this way has many benefits, including:

  • It returns crop residue to the soil, which adds nutrients and important organic matter.
  • Cultivation is an important weed control method.
  • It breaks up the soil, allowing air, nutrients and water to penetrate.
  • It provides the perfect soil for planting seeds.

When it comes time to replace your disc chains, Bute Discs is the best choice

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of cultivating and surface tillage, and what disc chains do, let’s take a look at the main topic of this post. Why and when you should fit Bute Discs on your Kelly tillage system.

The when is quite simple. If your disc chain needs replacing because it’s worn, isn’t operating correctly, doesn’t operate to the depths you require, is not eliminating weeds or is not producing the perfect soil that you need for planting seeds.

In many cases, the frame is still in good or reasonable condition, so therefore it doesn’t make sense to replace the entire equipment. In these circumstances, most farmers will make the wise and economical decision to replace the disc chain.

This is when you should choose Bute Discs’ disc chains. Here are just some of the reasons why you should retrofit with Bute Discs:

  • Bute Discs are the highest quality discs on the market, bar none.
  • With Bute Discs’ disc chains fitted to your tillage system, you’ll have improved weed control. This includes fleabane, which is a big issue in many parts of Australia. The CSIRO estimates that fleabane causes revenue losses of $43 million per year, for grain producers alone.
  • Retrofitting your old disc chain with Bute Discs will turn your current equipment into an aggressive tillage tool. This will allow you to get the results you need with fewer passes.
  • The Bute Discs disc chain system allows weights to be quickly added and removed. This allows farmers to customise their disc chain to their soil, on any given day. The system can be adjusted quickly and easily in the field.
  • Our disc chain reduces soil clogging.
  • Our system is very customisable, to suit your soil and conditions. As well as the weights that you can add and remove, you can also choose between two disc spacings and decide between a standard disc and a cutting disc. The former is an excellent all round tillage option, while the latter provides extra cutting power for weed control.
  • Once our discs are worn, you can change the discs while reusing the hook and eye casings over and over again. We estimate that by replacing only the discs, farmers can save around 55 to 60 per cent of the original chain cost. The disc changing process is very easy. It takes around 45 minutes to change out all the discs and it can even be done in the field.
  • The discs will last a long time. How long your discs will last will depend on soil conditions, however, you can expect to get up to 27,000 hectares of tilling. It’s not unusual for discs to last beyond this.

Will Bute Discs’ disc chain fit my frame?

Another great feature of Bute Discs’ disc chain is that it can be used when replacing disc chains on most tillage equipment. You can even run a combination of our disc chains with your original disc chains.

Got a Kelly tillage system? Bute Discs ca be used and can be fitted easily. In fact, our disc chain will fit the frames of most other manufacturers, including:

  • Kelly Diamond Harrow models dated from 2010 onwards.
  • Humdinger Diamonds tillage equipment.
  • Brookfield tillage systems.
  • And many others.

Contact Bute Discs to make sure our disc chain will fit your tillage equipment.

Retrofit with Bute Discs now

Even if your current disc chain isn’t worn, it’s worth considering changing to Bute Discs today.

Don’t put up with poor-performing discs. Upgrade your tillage equipment with Bute Discs and turn your tillage equipment into an aggressive, valuable farm tool. 

When you make the decision to upgrade to your disc chain, you can buy direct from Bute Discs or from your dealer. If you buy from us directly, we will talk you through your options and help you decide on the best discs and weights for your soil and your farm. Also, keep in mind your budget. Contact Bute Discs today and make the upgrade to the best disc chain in the market. You certainly won’t regret it.

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