Industry-changing Turbine Blade Event Wrap Up

On the sun-soaked fields of Shepparton, Bute Discs hosted a groundbreaking event on February 1st, 2024, unveiling our latest innovationโ€”the Bute Discs Turbine Blade. The event witnessed a gathering of approximately 120 farmers, agronomists, and local dealers who were keen to see this industry-changing agricultural technology in action.

The launch of the Turbine Blade

We showcased the revolutionary Turbine Blade by attaching it to both a 62ft and 40ft Bute Frame. Farmers from Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales saw the Turbine Blade’s powerful capabilities first-hand while Bute founder Kent Paterson ran them through the many benefits of our new product.

As the Turbine Blade sliced through wheat and canola stubble during the demonstration, its remarkable ability to shred residue while safeguarding the vital subsoil became evident, which impressed all in attendance.ย 

The launch of the Turbine Blade

Positive feedback and high levels of interest

The event garnered positive feedback and keen interest from attendees, paving the way for the Turbine Blade’s anticipated market entry.

Kent expressed his enthusiasm during the event, confident in the forthcoming success of the Turbine Blade. Kent also shared his gratitude to the generosity of John, who allowed the event to take place on his Shepparton farm and all the farmers, agronomists, and dealers who attended, contributing to the event’s success.

As a token of appreciation, Bute Discs announced a lucky draw, with one fortunate attendee winning a slab of beers at their local pub!

Positive feedback and high levels of interest

Moving forward with the new Turbine Blade

The Turbine Blade is set to enter the market with strong momentum, and farmers eager to trial this innovation or order compatible chains for popular diamond frames are encouraged to contact Kent Paterson at 0429 178 741.ย 

With the promise of enhanced efficiency and sustainability, the Bute Discs Turbine Blade marks a significant leap forward in modern agriculture.

Moving forward with the new Turbine Blade

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The groundbreaking Turbine Blade is here. Bute Discs has innovated again, bringing an industry-changing product to market. Be the first in the world to see the Turbine Blade by coming along to our event at Kialla East, Victoria, on February 1st, 2024.ย