Destroy crop stubble with the new Turbine Blade

Do you have a valuable resource on your farm that you’re underutilising or managing inefficiently?

There’s been a shift in perspective and a recognition that crop residue is a valuable resource. Farmers now understand that, when managed effectively, crop residue can enhance soil health and boost future crop yields.

The problem is, how can you better manage crop stubble?

Fortunately, the solution is clear with the introduction of Bute Discs’ innovative Turbine Blade. It’s tough on residue, kind on the soil and can make a big difference in productivity on your farm.

Recognising the value of crop residue

Crop residue is the remnants of plants – such as wheat, barley, canola and sorghum – left on the soil surface after harvest. It includes the straw and crowns of the plants and materials discharged during harvesting that remain on the soil. 

These leftover components, commonly known as stubble, play a crucial role in agriculture. Traditionally burned for weed and disease management, crop residue is now more often utilised as a valuable resource. 

When managed efficiently, crop residue enhances soil health, conserves moisture and promotes sustainable crop production. Its influence extends to other aspects, such as soil temperature, light penetration, and interactions with pests and diseases, making proper residue management a vital consideration for farmers.

Recognising the value of crop residue

The main benefits of good crop residue management include:

  • Crop residue on the soil surface creates a mulching effect, reducing raindrop impact, slowing soil movement, preventing surface dryness and inhibiting weed germination. 
  • Leaving crop residue on the soil surface promotes carbon sequestration, reducing carbon dioxide in the air. This process enhances photosynthesis and improves soil health and fertility.
  • Covering more soil with crop residues minimises tillage, allowing natural decomposition and nutrient cycling.
  • Residues serve as a food source for soil microbes, enhancing soil structure and facilitating water and air movement.
  • Crop residues create a protective surface, retaining soil moisture and reducing the risk of drought stress in plants.

While there’s no doubting the value of crop residue, managing it isn’t easy. To be fully utilised, crop stubble needs to be appreciably broken down and distributed evenly across the soil to unlock its full potential.  

If you’re struggling to manage crop residue and want to improve your soil health and crop yield, there is an answer. A solution that is as lucid as the sun rising over a well-planned crop.

Bute Discs’ Turbine Blade is here

Bute Discs’ Turbine Blade effortlessly tackles straw, stubble and crop residue, efficiently breaking the material down and evenly distributing it for improved soil health in preparation for the upcoming season’s crops. 

This patented blade excels in handling crop residue and is tough on stubble. However, it’s kind to the soil as there is no soil penetration. This means that crucial sub-soil moisture is maintained and erosion is mitigated.

The key benefits of the Turbine Blade include:

  • Crop residue is effortlessly split, bruised and organically broken down. Straw, stubble and residual crop materials are then made available to enhance the soil of your farm.
  • Erosion is minimised, moisture preserved, and beneficial organisms like worms are encouraged.
  • Your next season’s crop will be optimised due to the overall improvement in the quality of your soil.
  • The 14.5-inch diameter Turbine Blade with eight blades on each disc, like all Bute Discs products, operates with exceptional efficiency. Streamline your process with single-pass effectiveness, saving both time and money.
  • No challenge is too tough for the Turbine Blade. Whether it’s rape or corn stubble, this patented blade will make short work of your residue.
  • The Turbine Blade utilises Bute’s universal hook & eye system and will fit on both our 625 and 850 hooks.
  • One of the key benefits of choosing Bute Disc products is their adjustability and the Turbine Disc is no exception. You can choose four different weights to customise your setup for both soil type and crop residue.
  • The Bute Discs Turbine Blade seamlessly integrates with your existing diamond harrow frame, transforming it into an advanced machine at a fraction of the cost. 
  • If you’re a no-till farmer, the Turbine Blade is the tool for you. It stands out as the best way to efficiently manage crop residue.
Bute Discs’ Turbine Blade is here

Find out more about the Turbine Blade

Want to find out more about Bute Discs’ Turbine Blade and how it can improve your crop yields?

Feel free to reach out to Kent Patterson. He can be reached directly at 0429 178 741. Don’t hesitate to give him a call – your path to successful implementation begins with his expert guidance.

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